There are many names that are widely used, for example, Peyton/Payton/however you spell it.

There is a Peyton Manning (Quarterback, Colts), a Peyton Hillis, a Walter Payton (deceased, RB, Bears), and more.

Also, the name Manning.

  • Peyton (QB-Colts)
  • Eli (QB-Giants)
  • Archie (Peyton and Eli's dad, former QB-Saints)
  • Ricky Jr. (defensive back, NOT related)
  • Danieal (defensive back, NOT related)
  • Also, a Mario Manningham (receiver, Giants). Kinda ironic: "Manning throws to Manningham. Tackled by Manning"
  • However, there are none in the NBA, MLB, or NHL.
  • three in college football-2 play for Connecticut (related much?), plus a Manninger
  • But none in college basketball. :(

Another example is Aaron/Erin, neither is wrong spelling. Both Peyton/Payton and Aaron/Erin can also be used for a boy's name or a girl's name.

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