Post em here so we can add each other.

squirrel71 - trollman4448

UMG - UltimateMegaGeo (Will activate on 12/25)

NC - NotSoGrump

Dimentio - Chromebolt

Mochlum - Starts with an "M" and ends with a "m" and has an "ochlu" in the center.

Web - Theweb0123

Moon Snail: MoonSnailPVZ (When I get Nintendo Network)

Bowser & Jr. - LD-Link-16

Phantom R - Phantom_R

TS - Forever inexistant

AwesomeCartoonFan01 - TheWarnerSibs

Faves3000 - Faves3000

Redsox1099 - Redsox1099

Renardy - Renardy .... (lol)

J. Severe - JSevere

Heart - MTMOsaka

Faceman696 - wAllop1

Kajad - MindOfAThief

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