Obloid Dimension

Obloid Dimension

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The Obloid Dimension is a dimension where everything is random and weird. It is the only dimension where pickles are eaten to survive because water is not anywhere.


In order, from lower-left on the map to upper-right on the map:

  • Aqualoiatia Galaxy (blue)
  • Stictfloat Galaxy (pale)
  • Herverax Galaxy (yellow)
  • Nickletoadisa Galaxy (brown)
  • Blurrzepp Galaxy (pink)
  • Xefakaibarr Galaxy (purple)
  • Arselakiasberr Galaxy (tan)
  • Edanaialty Galaxy (sea green)
  • Poeialark Galaxy (red)
  • Ikjustifloot Galaxy (green)
  • Jookdireem Galaxy (blood red)
  • Quellskicry Galaxy (aquamarine)
  • Jacksikistrumatillhyde Galaxy (pink/purple)
  • Bhutrakeiksoblaitrumald Galaxy (indigo/purple)
  • Ythstumperr Galaxy (dirty gold)
  • Ilkirnsdynasto Galaxy (indigo)

Popular Facts

The Obloid Dimension is the only dimension that relies on pickles to survive. It is also the only dimension where randomness is everywhere. Its galaxies are not shaped like galaxies from our dimension.

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