Inspired by The Skavex's nutshell videos. You can make stuff like this, too!


Deez Nuts: Hi we're Deez Nuts, Baby Beiber, and U Jelly Otr and we're three happy colorful animals living in Lake Boo Hoo Hoo

Deez Nuts: i am a 7-year-old fat red bear with whiskers who does not like to dance cuz i can't feel dat rhythm and i am just a smart, loyal Slenderman Everyman

U Jelly: i am a 5-year-old who's strangely taller than her older brother who comes up with ideas that are completely devoid of reality

Deez Nuts: Baby Beiber is our supposed 2-year-old baby "sister" despite appearing to have no gender whatsoever, who lieks mudkipz, only says one or two words at a time, and points out shit we don't even notice that'll help solve kid issues

Oprah and ErNess: Hi we're Oprah and ErNess Otr and we're their caring interracial happily married parents

Pins: Hi i'm Pins Cocoon and i am U Jelly's best friend and the embodiment of stereotypical girls

Scotch Tape: Hi i'm Scotch Tape Cocoon and i crash into shit yelling like i consumed over 9000 grams of sugar and apologize every fucking time it happens

Aflac Duck: Hi i'm Aflac Duck and Deez Nuts' troublemaking compadre

Monchhichi: Hi i'm Monchhichi Bee Movie and i'm one nervous motherfucker who has a big fixation on wood

Oops and Boots the Monkey: Hi we're Oops and Boots the Monkey Snotty and we are rich bitches who have the most advanced technology despite being as bored as shit

Deez Nuts and U Jelly: Here we are going through some event kids face in their lives while usually singing a song

Deez Nuts: Oh no there's a problem

U Jelly: Let's do a Ramen Noodle dance

Deez Nuts: no

U Jelly: plz

Deez Nuts: Oh wait im doing it

U Jelly: Ding ding i got an idea and Deez Nuts stop dancing

Deez Nuts: wat

U Jelly: <insert 100% impossible idea here>

Deez Nuts: lolno

<insert Baby Beiber noticing something or another character coming up with and finding a plausible solution here lol>

Deez Nuts and U Jelly: Yay we know what to do without adult assistance

Deez Nuts: Let's do it

<insert song here>

Deez Nuts and U Jelly: Yay our problem is solved but we learn a lesson too