This song is amazing!

watch it with this link:

this song will get in your head, and the here is the dance, I love this song soooo much

trust me-

You will love it too! Here Are The Lyrics:

Popipo pipo poppi po (x11) Pi~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Saa nome omae suki desho kinomi ju-su(= juice) watashi ga kimeta ima kimeta dakara nonde watashi no kimoni ju-su kakaku wa nihyaku yen~ Soiya! Soiya! Dosei! Dosei! Soiya! Soiya! Dosei! Dosei! Yohodo niiro kinomi ju-su, Karen karen kimoni ju-su, Ichiban osusme nanowa, Cherii Ju-su~! Popipo pipo poppi po(x2) Kinomi na a aa aa aa aaa~ Popipo pipo poppi po(x2) Seimei Afureta a aa aa aa aaa~ Popipo pipo poppi po(x2) anata mo ima a aa aa aa aaa Popipo pipo poppi po(x2) Kinomi ju-su ga suki ni naru~

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