This is episode two of PROJECT Epic Meap.

With the Paradox running amuck, our heros think of a place of to hide.


Phineas: What is it?

(Meap points to a hidden cave.)

Phineas: Great idea! Come on guys!

(They run into the cave.)

Doofenshmirtz: So Phineas, since we look alike and our ancestors came from Gimmelshtump, are we father and son or at least related somehow?

Phineas: I think this is not the time to ask that question.

(Back where the Paradox is at.)

Paradox: rawr

(Where Sonic's group is at.)

(Tails is watching Foster's on his portable TV)

Cheese: I like chocolate milk!

Tails: Me too!

Knuckles: Hey can you turn that thing off kid? Focus!

Tails: Okay...

Sonic: Both of you need to focus!

Knuckles: He started it...

(The island where a sponge and a starfish would be that's considered ridiculous...)

Patrick: Duhh SpongeBob? Where are we?

SpongeBob: Oh, we're just in a deserted island in the middle of nowhere with a big fat ox.

Patrick: Hey!

SpongeBob: No not you big fat ox, him big fat ox.

Ox: Hmm??? Aww..

(At Hyrule)

Link: (Getting the tenth Cucco)

Zelda: Are you done yet? We have to get going or else the Paradox might find us!

Link: (He goes to the Mutoh.)

Mutoh: My workers are worthless I tell you! Worthless!

Zelda: We're hopeless.....

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