Parental guidance for Pixel's Penthouse.

Sex & Nudity


  • Pixel and Sayaka from Dangan Ronpa are a lesbian couple in the show, as well as in Peanut Otter's Disco.
  • Pixel claims in the second episode that she is bisexual.
  • Sometimes characters will show up naked sometimes, with their private parts (penises, boobs) blurred out.
  • In "Let's Dance", this song begins to play and Pixel begins to thrust into a plant.



  • Pixel owns an AK-47 and shot it at people numerous times.
  • Physical violence is present sometimes.
  • In "Ranch", Bean whacks people in the head with ranch dressing bottles.



  • Swearing is abundant, mainly "fuck", "shit", "damn" and "asshole".
  • Characters call each other names.
  • Pixel is known to call people "sons of whores".
  • In "Rated PG!", Bean calls Bella a "little shithead".
  • In "The Swear-athon!" the characters hold a contest to see who can say the most swear words.
  • In "Soccermoms", Pixel calls a group of soccermoms "Ignorant sons of bitches".



Frightening/Intense Scenes


  • There is bits and pieces of shock humor sprinkled into the show at some point.
  • The show has poked fun at weather in England.
  • In "The Halloween Party!", a black screen will flash onto the screen, with images of Pixel tied up and gagged.
  • In "Let's Draw", Pixel draws a town in India. Her depiction is that Indian towns are crowded and filled with dirt.
  • Pixel makes fun of kids with special needs 2 times on the show.

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