In Pidgin:

One day I dey in country call Minafrica (NOT REAL) and teacher dey learn me lesson that I no dey fit forget. So one day someone named (bleep) said that (bleep) a con in our class dey become a gangsta and when he dey poor he dey sell food on street singing "Pay your tax, I dey pay my own!" So when I dey home my bro dey go craze and I call police and I dey say "911 police my bro dey craze take him to de asylum before he dey spread craziness me o!" So paramedics dey come and they dey put bro into de straitjacket and they dey leave.

When he dey arrive back all he dey say was "PAY YO TAX I DEY PAY MY OWN!"

In English

One day, I was in a country called Minafrica and the teacher taught us lessons I couldn't forget. So one day someone called (bleep) said that (bleep), a con in our class, would become a gangster when he grew up and when he became poor he would sell food on the street,singing "Pay your tax, I will pay my own!" So when I got home my brother went crazy and I called the police, saying"911?Police? My brother is crazy take him to the asylum before the craziness spreads!" So the paramedics came, put brother into a straitjacket and left.

We he came back, all he could say was, "Pay your tax, I will pay my own!"

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