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Only Alternate Phineas can edit this page! I dodged as the cyclops charged towards me... OH WAIT! That was 15 years ago. My name is Percy Dora Jackson. I prefer to go by Dora, but you can call me Percy. I'm a hobo now. I live behind Taco Bell and I survive off they're trash! I once ate a diaper! That's not the point. To sum it all up, i'm a hobo. I have a friend named Bob, he lives behind Mc. Donalds, where a four year old once died in a Ball Pit.If you are wondering why I have no family to turn to and steal money from, they all died! One day, My Mom and Dad went to Taco Bell. My Mom wanted a Vegan Taco Supreme, but my Dad got a Beef Taco. It had posein in it! When Mom figured out, she beat up Dad on the high way, he got hit by a car and flew all the way over the sky! "Dora, Dora, DORA!" Shouted Bob running acorss the road. "What" I said. "Mc. Donalds is closing down!" Bob shouted. "HAHAHAHAHAHA" I replied. "What?" Bob questioned. "I mean, oh no!" I said. "I think Taco Bell could be next, they'v ebeen closed for a while now. What are we gonna do?" Bob feared. Percy thought about it, he relized they always had the soup kitchen, so they went down there.

Chapter 2

They all went to the soup kitchen, and they saw a line! It was long, so it would be a while to get their food. Hours passed and Percy was in line. "What are you serving" Percy asked. "Dirty Diapers and Platypus Juice." replied the Lady. "MY FAVORITE!" Percy shouted. The Lady interupted him before he got his food though. She told him he needed a shot before he could eat and pointed to a long line. Percy and Bob walked to the line.