Questions are Answers about Pickles! Add some if you want!

Q: What are pickles made of?

A: Cucumbers.

Q: How are pickles made?

A: Soaking cucumbers in vinegar.

Q: Are pickles delicious?

A: YES!!!!.

Q: What flavor is a pickle?

A: A little bit sour and tang.

Q: Do they go good on sandwiches?

A: Yep.

Q: How long do you soak a cucumber to make a pickle?

A: Beats me.

Q: What are pickles again?

A: *facepalm*

Q: Sorry, I remember now. So can pickles eat?

A: Nope.

Q: What is the world record of "Pikcles eaten in one hour"?

A: There's a record for that?

Q: Are pickles alive?

A: I seriously doubt it.

Q: Do piclus taste really really good?

A: Errr i guess not?

A2: Yupe.

A: What?

2: No.

Q: Can you drink...WATER?

A: Ah, no.

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