Princess Anamiko is a princess.


picture Princess Peach then give her long straight shiny black hair, black asian eyes, ultra pale skin and heart-shaped lips, then put her in a violet dress and here s' Anamiko.


Her complete name is: Anamiko Jiulyiaattèey MecKetygghklynn-Pansy-Hansy-FlowerBed Serenydipity Arceus Dialga Palkia Giratina Uxie Mesprit Azelf Pokesha LegenDerryckkeiggh PoKayMonne Ash Ketchum, great Master of the Dragon Element, princess of Souryuu City, Black City, White Forest, Black Forest and White City, saint patron of Munna, Musharna & The Dream World. But she usually go by:

1: Princess Anamiko

2: Princess Ana

3: Princess Hana

4: Princess Hanako

5: Princess Nami

6: Princess Annie

7: Princess Miko

8: Princess Miki

9: Princess Miky

10: Princess Namiko


Her first appearance was in 1960 in the show Dabajette! Princess Anamiko Suta! where she was the protagonist. In 1963, the series split into two: Dabajette! Princess Anamiko Suta Animated! and Dabajette! Princess Anamiko Suta New Adventures!. In 1967 the cast of DPASutaA refused to accept a promotion and passed to Senshi! Seraserena no Bakketti Curumu STARS! where the cast of DPASutaNA started a slowly evolution into Dabajette! Princess Anamiko Suta ROBOTS! (1973), who in 1979 become a videogame; Dabajette! Princess Anamiko Suta ROBOTS!: 1.0.Su-X-ta! who later become piratated in a Nintendo Videogame (1983) and had a lot of success. Then she had these appearances:

Princess Anamiko 1 (1986)

Princess Anamiko 2: :Su_X_tA:! (1988)

Princess Anamiko 3: Dawn of a new Time (1990)

Princess Anamiko RPG (1992)

Princess Anamiko ReMade (1995)

Princess Anamiko 3D (1998)

Princess Anamiko L!VE (2000)

Princess Anamiko The New Millennium (2005)

Princess Anamiko Jr. (2007)

Princess Anamiko MMMORPG (2010)

Princess Anamiko CX: The New End (NOW!)

She even had a The Sims appearance in 2005.

If Anamiko was more popular

then i will live in the gold, silver, crystal, heartgold and soulsilver because i create Anamiko just right now.

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