Tigger barf

Pac-Man Vomiting

Road runner

Road Barfing

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Wile E Coyote
One day Pac-Man, Road Runner (Road) , Wiley Coyote & Tigger came home from a mans night out...

Pac-Man: That was some night, huh?

Wiley: Yeah, but I feel sick from all that 7 Up.

Road: Beep-Beep! Oh come on Wiley, it was fun.

Tigger: But I feel like vomiting.

Pac-Man: Oh come on, what's wrong guys?

Road: I think I need to puke.

Wiley: (to Road) Oh no, if you puke on me, I will get you!

Pac-Man: Hey! Lets hold a puking contest!

Wiley: Good, cause I'm gonna... (vomits)

Pac-Man: Thats funny Wiley! (laughs then vomits)

Road: Far out! (barfs)

(Tigger barfs on Pac-Man)

(Pac-Man barfs on Road)

(Road barfs on Wiley)

Wiley: Ok Road, I warned you!

(Road contenues barfing on the floor)

(Wiley barfs his way to the ceiling)

Road: (barfs) Pac-Man we need to stop! We're making a mess!

Pac-Man: But Road Runner, we can't stop! (barfs)

Tigger: Pac-Man! I'm scared (barfs)

(All contunue barfing on the floor & walls)

Pac-Man: Ms. Pac, help!

(All barfing)

Tigger: Omg my insides are on fire! (barfs)

Road: No please! No more no...(barfs)

Wiley: Pac-Man! Hold me! (barfs)

Pac-Man: (barfs on Wiley) sorry Wiley I....(barfs)

(All barfing)

Ms. Pac-Man: What's wrong Pacy? (gasps)

(All barfing till Pac-Man's hose is flooded with vomit)

Ms. Pac: Are you guys sick?

Pac-Man: (crying) Yes. We're sorry.


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