Wiley as Hank the Cowdog
Dog: roof roof roof roof roof (The dog is not Snoopy)

Me: what?

Person: He's trying to ask you a question

Dog: Ruff ruff rufff ruff ruff ruff. Bark!

Me: what does that mean?

person: turtles soup is what brand?

Me:What the heck!?

Person: I translate that into: QWERTYUIOPASDFGHJKLZXCVBNM is the name of the brand.

Me: What? No-

Person: *Interrupts me* Well sorry, but that answer is in..............................credibly smart becuase you are right!

Me: Yeah I won a milllion dollars

Person: No, actually, but I do have a dime.

Me: *Pulls out a rubber band* give me all your money or else.

Person: NO, don't hurt me! Please!

Dog: *Attacks me*


Person: Yes *Dog runs over to him* NOOOOOOOO

Me: *watches dogs eat him* ewww

Dogs: Bark!

8597403573 hours later

Me: I remember once there was this guy, who lied about a million bucks- *is interrupted by dog*

Dog: ruff ruff! *Poops out random person*

Person: Hello friend! *Has a weird twitch*

Me: Get away!

Person: Haha! Pickles.

Me: I'm warning you, I have a tennis racquet and a machine gun behind my back

Person: Really? Okay then, lets play hockey.

Me: ummmm, okay.

  • me and random person play hockey game*

Me: *scores a goal* YESS!

Person: NO!

Me: I win, oh yeah. I am so awesome at sports. In yo face. Loser!

Person: *cries*

Me: Go cry to your mom.

Person: *more crying*

Me: Leave NOW!

Person: WAlks away slowly*

Me: FASTER! *Follows him*

Person: *Turns corner and mentions he was acting.*

ME: *Gasp* faker!

Person: *Twitches* Mommy, come here. *WAlks over to me with a possesed look.

Me: I have a machine gun.

Person: No you don't.

Me: Yes I do

Person: Prove it

Me: *pulls out machine gun.

Person: oh $#!& you really did have one. Well then, you are under arrest because I am really a cop.

Me: I have a license.

Person: Prove it

Me; *Pulls out piece of paper with a drawing I made of me on it and my name*

Person: *Looks at license and compares to me* You're clear.

Me: I know.

To Be Continued.

Me (I'm another guy): So.

Dog: So.

Me: Um

Dog: Hi.

Me: Hi.


no wait, it will not

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