Pissed off Phineas

Yakko drew this, it's one of my favorites.

This is a Q.&.A that will be coming soon from Wakko. The host will be Peter Smith from the fanon wiki.

Peter: Welcome to my Q&A! We will answer any questions! Well, it's just me, but we're in room 10.

Drew Brees: *falls on large chair*

Peter: You're supposed to be in room 12. Remember, that's the one with all the holes.

Drew Brees: *vanishes into room 12*

Marion Barber: *falls on large chair*

Peter: Oh, hey, Marion. Aren't you guys playing later today?

Marion Barber: How'd I get in here? I was on the- whoa!

Mat McBriar: *falls on Barber right when he says "whoa"*

Peter: Hey, shouldn't you guys be at the Random Stuff movie?

All: Yeah, pretty much.

Ben Chappell: *falls on large chair*

Peter: How does everyone keep landing on that particularly large and misplaced chair?

Ben: The hole's on top of it!

Peter: Oh, that makes sense.

Marion: Please ask some questions! This dude's bored!

Scubadave falls through the floor.

Scubadave: What just happened? I'm out. Peace!

Scubadave is knocked out of the room with a huge pear.

More coming soon... Please ask questions on the talk page!

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