Sonic Surprised

OK. SO everyone, leave questions on my talk page and ask good questions.

Chris: Okay, so Total Drama World Tour is over, but now it's time for Total Drama: The Aftermath. Today, we will have guests send in questions. The questions will be answered by some of our past contestants *Chris moves and points to the contestants of TDI, TDA, and TDWT.*

Izzy: *Jumps onto Chris' back* Turtle bread!

Chris: *Throws her off of his back and a loud bang is heard.* Anyways, send in your questions and we will give you the- *Is interrupted by Sierra*

Sierra: Oh and good news everyone, I am now in crutches and I am Cody's BFF. So uh, send in your questions.

Lindsay: Oh oh pick me! I have a question.

Chris: People are supposed to send them in, Lindsay!

Lindsay: C'mon, pleeeeeeeease?

Chris: Fine.

Lindsay: Um, Okay, this one is from Randy in Ontario. He asked what my favorite color is.

Heather: How can it be from this Randy person if you said you were making up questions.

Lindsay: Duh, because Randy from Ontario gave it to me.

Duncan: Well, then I choose black and green.

Gwen: I don't know, maybe a dark blue.

Sadie: um hm, let's see, I like whatever Katie likes.

Katie: My favorite color is the same as Sadie.

Katie and Sadie: PINK!

Izzy: Thity-Nine!

Trent: But Izzy, it has to be a color.

Izzy: *Dissappears*

Trent: Okay, well that was weird, but my favorite color is red.

Chris: Okay, next question. We just got a fresh batch from a big fan. *Gestures towards Sierra* Question 1, how many showers a week does Cody take? Quesstion 2, how many pounds was the cake for Cody's 3rd birthday, question 3 where does Cody- aw forget it. Sierra you said you had good questions. These are all about Cody. That's boring.

Sierra: You did not just call Cody lame. *Throws crutches at Chris*

Chris: OW! Geez, you don't have to go all maniac on me.

Duncan: Just ask the audience

Chris: Anybody? *Nobody in the audience raises their hand*

Cody: Anyone? *Now audience members all raise their hands*

Chris: Okay, you, with the ugly face

Random audience member: Chris, you are really

Censor: *Bleep*

Random audience member: ugly. Where you laways that ugly.

Chris: okay, another volun- *Duncan interrupts him*

Duncan: No, he was not that ugly always. He was 204857943345 times uglier. I think we can prove this by putting on those aftermath videos from the TDA finale. *Videos play*

Chris: NO! Don't play that! *Chases Duncan around*

Everyone: * Laughs at videos*

Sierra: HA! Chris I forgot how ridiculous you sang in the shower.

Chris: Sierra just leave! Nobody likes you.

Sierra: Chris no need to be jealous of me.

Chris: *Takes out Shotgun* I mean it!

Sierra: *Takes out machine gun* NO! I MEAN IT!

Chris: *Shoots at Sierra*

Sierra: You are dumber than you look, Chris. Everybody smart wears bullet proof vests!


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