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Wakko, in animated form!

Scratch-and-Sniff: And now, time for You Risk Your Life!

Yakko: *cuts through curtain* Hello everybody, and Helloooo Nurse!

Peter: Uh, that's in room 11. This is room 12.

Yakko: No, I walked into room 11.

Peter: Then you must have fell through that-OOF! *Wakko falls on him from hole*

Wakko and Yakko: Helloooo Nurse!

Peter: *doubled over in pain*: HOLE.

Scratch-and-Sniff: She's a top singer...He's a top quarterback...Please welcome Taylor Swift and Tom Brady!

Peter: I told you...That's in room 11.

Scratch-and-Sniff and Yakko: *leave room and go to room 11*

Peter: Okay. That was weird. Alright, on with the quest--YOW! *Yakko and Scratch-and-Sniff fall from hole*

Dr. Doofenshmirtz: Ah, Perry the Platypus. *Everyone looks at him like he's crazy* Just in time for my Hole-inator!

Peter: Uh, that's up there, and I'm not Perry, I'm Peter Smith.

Wakko: *Begins to sing U.N. Me*

Yakko and Dot: *Join in*

Peter: Ah, what the heck! *Same as Yakko and Dot*

Dr. Doofenshmirtz: Oh. This is room 12. *talking to Scratch-and-Sniff about where room 13 is*

(Song finishes)

Peter: And now, our first question. Hit it, Wakko!

Wakko: *drum roll*

Peter: It's from your brother. "What would all of you do if a clown was in the room, huh?"

Wakko: I dunno.

Peter: I'd ask him to make a balloon Wakko.

Dr. Doofenshmirtz: I'd make a Clown-Away-Inator to get rid of him!

Dot: If he was a cute boy, I'd tell him my full name and kiss him. If he wasn't, I would kick his face!

Scratch-and-Sniff: *puts on clown outfit*

Dot: *kicks Scratch-and-Sniff in face*

Dr. Doofenshmirtz: *builds Clown-Away-Inator*

Peter: Would you make a balloon Wakko for me, please?

Wakko: I just got a weird message on my IP address's talk page.

Peter: What is it?

Dot: Yeah, what?


Isabella: Whatcha doin'?

Random Announcer Guy: Would all people with a first initial of I, as in ice cream, please exit room twelve?

Isabella: Um, hello?

Irving: WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY!?! STOP KICKING ME OUT OF THESE Q&A SESSIONS!!! I KICK MYSELF OUT!!! *Irving kicks himself and falls down, through a hole. Various crashing noises are heard below.* Announcer: Never mind. Uh, Isabella, I didn't mean you. I meant Irving.

Peter: Uh, alright. That was WEIRD. *looks in hole in ground and sees Irving trapped, then hole closes and triple-locks itself.* Anyway, read the message!

Wakko: All right. It says: "support all true!". Apparently the IP address posted it on its own page. :?

Isabella: Whatcha doin'?

Peter: We made a question and answer session for users to ask questions. Then we all answer them.

Wakko: *belches songs*

Yakko: *plays piano*

Dot: *gives Wakko 2-liter of Coke*

Peter: We have new questions! These are from TD! We have four of them!!!

Everyone: *ooohs and aaahs*

Peter: They are: What do you think of me?, Who else is coming into the Q&A, What is your favorite flavor of random, and What is the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you?

Dot: I forgot my name several times.

Peter: Well...I don't know. I think of you as an online friend. I don't know who is coming into the Q&A. It's just whoever pops into Wakko's mind-I mean, the studio! Oh, and chocolate.I tripped down a bunch of stairs.

Irving: (from hole) I fell down this hole!

Isabella: I didn't know Phineas and Ferb were The Beak.

Everyone Else: *shrugs*

Yakko: Now, on with the show...

Peter: That's in room 11. Wait... Didn't you already go in there?

Yakko: We fell down the hole in the ceiling, onto a very large pad.

Peter: Then...They must all have holes that come into here!

Drew Brees: *falls on them from hole*

Peter: Uh, what room were you in?

Drew Brees: Uh, the locker room in New Orleans?

Yakko: Ehhhh... Peter: Anyway, we were just waiting for some questions. Do you have any, Drew?

Drew Brees: Hey, do you want to go play outside?

All: Sure!

*they go outside and play for an hour and return*

Drew Brees: Huff, puff, wheeze, sneeze...

Peter: What?

Drew Brees: Pie-Pierre Thom-Thom-Thom-Thomas.

Peter: Pierre Thomas? What about him?

Drew Brees: Pie-Pi-P-UGH! *collapses*

Tracy Porter: *falls on Drew Brees from hole*


Irving: Hey, what the-

Censor: *bleep*

Irving: -is going on here?

All except the football players: Irving! You're not supposed to cuss here!

Drew Brees: Ir-Irving? Irving, Te-Texas?

Peter: No, Irving the nerd.

Random Smart Dude: Nerd: Never Ending Radical Dork.

Tracy Porter: You learn something-*Irving attempts to punch him in the face*-every day.

Peter: Ask questions!!! Please!

Irving: I'm gonna get you. You son of a

Censor: *Bleep*

Peter: Irving you can't swear! Or you are kicked off of the show.

Irving: Well that's

Censor: *Bleep*

Irving: fine with me.

Peter: Security!

Irving: You'll never take me alive! *Runs off into the audiance and dissappears.


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