Interviewer: Hello, random person. What's your name?

Guy: Umm... Joe.

Interviewer: So have what do you think about the new law which prohibits pigs to play the bagpipes while sliding down a rainbow?

Joe: Huh?

Interviewer: Do you enjoy listening to cheeseburgers and pineapples shopping for TV's?

Joe: I wish I had said no.

Interviewer: Do you enjoy origami?

Joe: Yes, I do but...


Interviewer: Great. Do you have anything to say, Joe?

Joe: I like fried chicken!

Interviewer: Me too!

Joe: I hate grilled chicken though.

Interviewer: Fried chicken!

Interviewer 2: Hello, random Joe. What's your name?

Joe: Umm... Guy.

Interviewer 2: Hi, Guy.

(Guy jumps away on his 7th leg)

Interviewer: Do you like pickle pie?


Guy: Why must I?! I tell you,Joe: SHUT UUUUUUUUUUUP!

Random Citizen: FOR JUSTICE!

Joe: Wha--aaarrrgggghhhh noooooooo!!!!!

Guy: Did I mention I like chicken?

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