I kinda based this page of this page so THANK YOU WHOEVER MADE THAT!

  • Roozanoolquofompia - evil cheeses. Example: Watch out for roozanoolquofompia.
  • Shumbumbumbumbum - SHUT UP! Example: Will you ever shumbumbumbumbum?
  • Waquoozugmeeshms - really long bath. Example: You should really take a waquoozugmeeshms.
  • Looloolooloolooloolooloo- what the heck? Example: Looloolooloolooloolooloo are you talking about?
  • Yuckyyookyyuckyyacky - uncooked spahgetti. Example: You should never eat yuckyookyyuckyyacky.
  • Tump - confused classmates. Example: My antics usually make my regular classmates tump.
  • Weslerk - salty snacks. Example: OMG I LOVE WESLERK!

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