RAWAFCC, or Random and (semi-)Awkward page With All Fanon and Canon Characters, is a page made by AgentP. It is similar to the RAWEFC on the fanon wiki- but no Alice FS.

Peter: Hi and welcome to RAWAFCC!

Chad: Where's the elevator?

Peter: I don't know. Maybe you should try over there. *points to elevator*

Chad: Oh...

Nom Nom: ROAR!!!

Peter: I think he wants tacos.

Phineas: How do you know?

Peter: Because he likes tacos...

Isabella: Whatcha doin'?

Peter: Making a random page with all characters but Alice FS.

Ferb: Technically, a character cannot be excluded from a storyline, a character can only be away from the main storyline in the sense that they are not involved in the main plot.

Phineas: TRANSLATION: A character can't be "not in a page" they can only be uninvolved in it. Right?

Ferb: *click noise*

Wakko and Yakko: Hellooooooo Nurse!

Nurse: Help me, triangle head kid! Help me!

Phineas (aside): You'd think they'd remember our names after we saved them from...(Pauses) those evil guys, Doofen-something and the guy with the long name.

Doofenshmirtz: Ah, Meap the Alien. Just in time to do something...I think.

Meap: Meap!

Vanessa: Dad! You are supposed to be looking at some documents!

Doofenshmirtz: To quote the great me (Points to self), "Evil is for now. Other stuff can wait until Tuesday."

Vanessa: Today is Tuesday.

Doofenshmirtz: Oh...right.

Albert: ...Why am I here again?

Peter: I have NO idea.


Phineas: You are too obsessed with us...

Irving: And your too OOC.

Albert: I just hope this is the canon of that gurgy guy's stories, so I'll have a girlfreind.

Mathew: Hello, i'm from future, and not a mary sue. can i stay because Rachel is taking a lesson with the time machine and may take awhile

Steve: (in thick Korean accent)please?

Nom Nom: ROAR!!!

Liz: No I dont think so..

Mathew:Why? I'm not a Mary Sue and my brother-in-adoption can't even speak English at all! And i also have Bandanas that has nuke(size of a pinhead) mode and i'm not afraid to use it.


Mathew:Even though you said it in Korean, that doesn't mean you can say it!

Steve:(Sad face)


Peter: Here, go into the "Foreign Language" room over there...(points)

Liz: Oh you can stay, I was talking to Nom Nom

Steve:(Waves bye)

Mathew:See ya. So now what?

Norm: (walks into room) I'm Norm!

Random Guy: Uh, is this room FT?

Peter: No, it's room SR. As in Super Random. Not FT as in Free Throw...

Chad: ...or Florida Tech.

Phineas: Wait, what are we doing here again?

Peter: Making a random page with all characters except Alice FS.

Ferb: *eats peanut butter*

Phineas: Okay...

Team Doof: Man.. I wish my characters were as popular as Alice FS. Even if it was catestrofic she is more poplar than 99 percent of characters right now..

Steve(from Foreing Language room)Alice=(censor)

Mathew:really? I'm gonna take you to the Punishment room


Mathew:What he meant to say is that although she is a Flynn-Shapiro, she's stil not our sibling due to her mary sueyness.

Steve:(in pain)(nodds)

Mathew:I'll be in the C(artoon)V(iolence) room.

(Baljeet walks in)

Baljeet: So this RAWAFCC is basically the RAWEFC series but without all the Mary Sues right?

FG10: *pokes head in* AM I allowed to edit? YAY! NO Alice FS

Alice FS: Muahahahahaaaaaaaaaa! Hello,people!XD

Steve runs out of the FL room and kicks Alice FS all the way to the Sun

Mathew:Steve, do i have to take you to the punishment room again?

Rex: Randonut, Randonut.


(Alice FS walks in with Loki Laufeyson)

Alice FS:Hello again guys.

Loki:Have you seen Thor? I am looking for Thor. I want to kill Thor. I...

Alice FS: SHUT UP!

Loki: So,will you aid me?

Alice FS: It was nice on the Sun. A bit cold,though.

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