Random Kong is bio-invention made Thatanimeguy to gain more popularity on Random-Ness Wiki..

Thatanimeguy: No it's not!

Writer: Um, yes it is.

Thatanimeguy: I did not make that.....thing!

Writer: Umm, yea you did

Thatanimeguy: Do you got proof?!

Writer: Actualy, I do.

Thatanimeguy: How!!?

Writer: I'm you, you DumbSh**!!!

Thatanimeguy: That don't mean nothing!

Writer: I know when you made it, where you made it, and above all, how you made it.

Thatanimeguy: Oh....Wait, whouldn't this be, like, some kind of Paradox?

Writer: Uhhhh, yeah.

Thatanimeguy: So wouldn't that mean, like, if i touch you, the universe, like, explodes.

Writer: Uhhhhhhh, yeah.

  • Guy touches Writer. Universe explodes!!!*


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