What do you think of this? There's a poll on the talk page, and you can comment there, too. Camera shows a hallway. The camera moves forward through it. (The camera is your vision.) You come to the end, where there's a button. You push it. Instantly, the ceiling slides off, the walls fall down, revealing a big monster in front. It picks you up and shoves you down a big pipe. A shoop-shoop-shoop is heard as you come out in a hi-tech underground room. A platform with a big flatscreen TV on it floats down from the ceiling. I am on it.

(Me): I'm sure you've seen the sign outside of the hallway, right?

Before walking into the hallway, you saw a sign that says "What is a random-off? To find out, enter here."

(Me): I will answer.

I push a button under the screen, and a video shows!

(Patrick, laughing): Can we say shoes from Texas are dumb?

(Ben): Waybig!

Screen flashes "CHEESE!!!" on and off.

(Dr. Drakken): You think you're all that, but you're...

(Highbreed): ...A slightly more intelligent form of pond scum.

(SpongeBob, singing): ...With prices high, and portions small, there's stains of mustard on the wall...

(Syndrome): My name is not Buddy!

Screen starts getting staticy and smoke comes from it. Finally, it blows up with a big spark, and everything else is shorted out, including the lights.

(You): I knew it! The legend that says "Playing the random DVD makes it blow up" is true! I knew it!

(Me): Alright, let's not do anything you're gonna regret.

You start walking slowly toward me.

(Me): Please, not the face!


---****--- Roads

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