Random-ness Edition 1 is a random book by Wakko. The titles, however, say the author is AgentP.


Random-ness Edition 1/Pics


Front Cover

The words "Random-ness, Edition One" in cursive, all caps, and regular caps. Then the words "A Random Book by AgentP" appear, with "Random Book" in all caps and fuzzy letters. (It's a squiggly line instead of a straight one.) It is Platypus Public Library #1.6. Brought to you by: Random Stuff Episodes, Pigskin Publishing, and the day after SBtY on the fanon.

Page 1

The pictures 0303.JPG, 0304.JPG, and 0305.JPG appear. Comments: "Artistic-y artistic-ness..." and "I'm not even in art..." by me, and "Very good..." by my English teacher.

Page 2

A Random Story by AgentP

Page 3

File 0306.JPG and 0307.JPG. (The Random-Corp Super Bowl: Colts @ Cowboys.)

Page 4

Random Songs of the edition

The O'Day song

Random Song by Random Guy

Page 5

Voting: The featured article, and vote TD for bureaucrat-ness!

Page 6

File 0308.JPG and quotes: "He's a platypus. They don't do much" by Phineas, "Running with scissors is the best exercise" by AgentGoldfish, "BLARG!" by Bowser101, and "And me, the pat-TY!" by the Patty in the Cheeseburger song

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