The Rules here are simple

  • No harassing, and/or bullying: Do either and you shall be blocked.
  • This goes to all admins and chat mods, do not abuse your powers. Your admin/mod rights will be removed if this is seen.
  • Please keep it safe here, you will be in trouble if we see something unsafe for our community.
  • The currently active admins here are J. Severe, Bowser & Jr.Ace LadTornadospeed, CompliensCreator00 and ITVdude2000. If you need help or see something bad, contact one of them.
  • Do not make pages or upload any images/videos that are inappropriate or expose certain body parts.
  • Do not suggest any stereotypical content or discrimination. You should be allowed to come to this community no matter who or what you are.
  • If a user makes a page saying only they can edit it or if the page hasn't been created yet, please do not edit it because they may have their thoughts already planned out for that article.
  • If you see the construction template don't edit that page, one is working hard on it.
  • No spamming or making spammy blogs.
  • Do not feed the trolls.
  • No gossiping about other users.
  • No joking about animal cruelty.
  • And most importantly, have fun! Just because we have rules here, doesn't mean you can't be as random as ever!