Me: Let's fry boiled chicken in eucalyptus extract! It's good for monkeys!

Random: no! soak it in banana milk!

Me: I'd take deep fried calculators with it. And add a little whipped cheese.

Random: don't forget caramel coated panini

Me: And grated peanut butter topped with minced salmon beef.

Random: dont forget catfish sauce

Me: And LimeWire toast

Random: 4shared Pizza

Me: Phineas and Ferb Wiki Carbonara

Random: SM Town spaghetti

Me: Deep boiled gold nuggets

Random: Sun dried jumping cola raisins

Me: We should make a blueberry jam cereal where the consumer must jump over a cliff and saying "MEAP".

Me: Not to mention... BIG FAT LAZY HONEY!!!

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