This is the dictionary of everything random(Not listed alphabetically...or anyway...just don't put in useless pictures' *Cough*Religious Hero*Cough*' )

Dictionary Words

  • Randomness-THE OVERLORD OF EVERYTHING!!!!!!!
  • Green Hill Zone-Sonic's usual hagout.See "Mobius".
  • Mobius-See "Green Hill Zone".
  • Mario-Nintendo's/Video Gaming's best thing evar.
  • Sonic-Sega's best thing evar/Video Gaming's second best thing evar(Take THAT Sonic Fans!!!)
  • Computers-The best thing since sliced bread(How else could I do this?).
  • Fried Chicken-Awesome Random-ness
  • Grilled Chicken-Random Awesome-ness
  • SEEGUUH-The most annoying thing you've ever heard.
  • World 1-1-Mario's first ever place he's ever been to.
  • Rom Hacking-Deciding what crazy crap Mario has to do now.
  • Star Wars-1.The thing George Lucas is proud of 2.Star Treck's worst enemy
  • Pingas (ping'•as) n. WHAT EGGMAN SHOUTS!

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