News Guy: Did you know I sleep on potatoes at night?

Random Guy: Awkward!

NG: Did you know milk is made by Fraglokkins?

Random Woman: Get away from me!

NG: Did you know that spaghetti is actually worms?

Italian Chef: Go away, you freak!

NG: Cheeseburger happy time!

Clown: I can top that.

NG: Oh yeah?

Clown: Yeah, I can.

NG: I doubt it.

Clown: It is time for frogs to go roller blading while feeding grandmas jalapeños and go take an airplane to Japan and pick up a Big Mac at McDonald's!

NG: This is what I have to say: Hooray for fried chicken, they saved the Earth from evil Munchkins that tried to take over a pet store! Mo is awesome!


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