Interviewer: Okay, so today I will ask this person some questions. *Points to guy tied up in a chair

random guy: Get me out of here!

Interviewer: Okay, so what is youu suckhkijgtgyjhgdnfukjhfmvgujhfmg8uyhtfujhf67gyuvtryut6rktlo8iyujkhtyhfjfyhgvfvhyr6ygtyhuyryhftgtr favorite-*random guy interrupts him

Random Guy: No!

Interviewer: *takes out a tazor* Now will you answer questions?

Random guy: john j dingle himer smit

INterviewer: What is your favorite color?

Random Guy: yo momma

Interviewer: how many turtles do you own?

Random Guy: Bob

Interviewer: Do you like fried chicken?

Random guy: Bananas!

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