Bob: UH, hi, me and Joe and Peter are random.

Joe: Pickles! Chris Heisey! Random klimpaloon!

Peter: These are today's Random Page Sponsors. Bob, any insight?

Bob: You mean color commentary? That's Joe's job.

Joe: Olive, Limepeel, Maroon!

Peter: Interesting. Now, what is your favorite baseball player's page on the wiki?

Joe: Chris Heisey! Cerulean, Sky Blue, Goldenrod!

Bob: Neftali Feliz

Peter: Okay, now what is your favorite page on this wiki?

Joe: ! 'Cause it's a color! Scarlet, Lake Red, Lime Green!

Bob: Pickle S'mores, though I also like Cheeseburger song.

Peter: Well, here's mine.

Bob: Bob is out, peace!

Joe: Robin's egg blue, Kelly green, Silver!

Peter: Well, that's all for today's episode.

Director: Cut cut CUT FASTBALL!

Perry ran for a loss of one yard on three carries , but I still won 17-6! 00:58, October 11, 2010 (UTC)

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