Bob: Now, welcome to the second Random Stuff episode!

Peter: Joe, color commentary please?

Joe: Mustard Yellow, Burnt Ochre, Golden Yellow!

Peter: Thanks. Now, how about our article sponsors?

Joe: Elvis Andrus, Wigs, and Toast!

Bob: Okay, Joe. Now, how 'bout those Bills?

Peter: *facepalm*

Bob: What? They have Lee Evans.

Peter: They have an 0 and 5 record. Winless! They're like the Pittsburgh Pirates of football!

Bob: Well, I like them.

Joe: Ochre, Chartreuse, Cool Gray 70%!

Peter: Anyway, I heard that the Giants are playing the Braves today!

Bob: Yeah, where's the pizza we ordered?

Joe: What pizza?

All (except Joe): Joe! You didn't order the PIZZA?

Joe: Oh, that pizza. *facepalm*

Bob: You've just earned your "Uh Durr" patch.

Joe (mocking Bob): You've just earned your "Uh Durr" patch.

Bob: Uh, your dog!

Joe: I don't HAVE a dog!

Peter: No, I don't have a dog.

Bob: Joe, you have a golden lab and a cocker spaniel.

Joe: And their names are Joey and Jo Anne.

Peter: You know what?

Joe and Bob: What?

Peter: I... want... pie.

Joe: We don't (CENSORED) have pie!

Bob: Hey, you watch your censored mouth!

Peter: Ha ha, Bob. Now, let's randomly sing...

Joe: Cheeseburger song?

Bob: No, we only have 3 people.

Joe: We could add someone.

Bob: Uh, we don't have anyone else.

Peter: Ask questions on my Q&A, please!

Bob: Bob is out, peace!


Peter: Whoa, we might have to fire you.

Joe: Then who will be your (CENSORED) color commentator?

Peter: That's it. You hit the showers right now!

Joe (jokingly): Censor, censor, censor censor censor!

Bob: Shut up!

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