Peter: welcome...

Joe: blue, red, orange!

Bob: Hey, where's-

Joe: No, I ordered the pizza this time. Triple anchovies.

Audience and Peter: BLEH!

Pizza Guy: *rings doorbell*

Peter: I didn't know we had a door-OOF!

Felix Jones: *falls on Peter* Am I late, Coach?

Peter: You are now.

Felix Jones: Oh my- You're Peter Smith!

Peter: Yes?

Felix Jones: You're, like, my hero!

Peter: Ah. I'm just a little character.

Wade Phillips: (from somewhere above hole) Uh, where's number 28? Felix Jones?

Peter: (Megaphone) HE'S DOWN HERE!

Wade Phillips: Get him up here!

Peter: *goes to room where Q&A Wakko Style is*

-*Comes back with Drew Brees*

Drew Brees: (Megaphone) Do you want that with or without Marion Barber and Mat McBriar???

Wade Phillips: With!

(They go to the room with Q&A Peter Style and get Barber and McBriar)

Drew Brees: (throws them all back through hole)

The End!

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