Foot Frisbie


  1. you can only touch the frisbie with your feet
  2. you have to reach your goal across a mountain from the middle
  3. if you give the old man a Phineas you get 10 points
  4. if you reach the goal you get 1 point
  5. if you beat the sumo at super smash bros. brawl you win 100 points and a trip to inside candance
  6. if you kill a ninja you won the game
  7. if your feet touch the groud you lose 10 points and have to dive into a pile of (you don't want to know)
  8. if you refuse to dive into the pile you lost the entire game

Water Slide Bike Football


  1. Each team member starts at the begining of the course
  2. when you hear the bell the first person will swim across a pool of water with starving sharks
  3. then climb up a slide covered in soap
  4. then ride a bike through a maze with 3 tigers
  5. then steal the football from an killer and take it to the other side without droping it while avoiding ninjas

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