Rise of the Planet of the Grapes is the awesomer sequel to the awesome Planet of the Grapes.


From the part when Papa smurf burped and all Grapes were extinguished, the story continues. Shrimpy, the shrimp from the past, now built a cloning machine and shrimps, Sonics, Meaps and Smurf were the more superior. But one grape survived. The grape was named Grapert. Grapert was sad, and he snuck into Shrimpy's house at night, and tried to duplicate himself. But there was a waffle in the way, so-

Waffles1 WAFFLES

I just have one thing to say: WAFFLES!

Yes, yes waffles. Grapert squirts juice, and waffles don't work with grape juice, so he died. He stole the cloning machine, and ran away, without the weirdo guard seeing him. The next day Shrimpy was mad and went to search but he discovered the grapes are back and all shrimps were killed along with the Sonics and Meaps. Smurfes could do anything anyway. They ran away, to the ancient toaster. The toaster was guarded by Toastfreak, a evil toast. Toastfreak shot toast at him. He blocked it. Then Sonic dashed at him. But Meap had a secret weapon. He took a Cheesepuff gun, and shot cheesepuffs. CHEESEPUFFS CHEESEPUFFS CHEESEPUFFS. Toastfreak died. Then came floating Luigi head. Luigi told them he can kill grapes if they say the magic word:KNIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They heard his holy advice but then grapes raided the Toaster and they ran away. They said the magic word, and a giant KINFE came out and SLICED THE GRAPE INTO TWO so they grape died. They did it alot, but then Grapert called the sorceror Shoop Da Woop, who told him the magic word IMA FIRIN MA LAZOR!!!!!!!!!!!, and the KNIFE was stopped. Then, Sonic, Meap and Papa Smurf fused with Shrimpy to create SONEAPSHRISMURF. He was awesome and he kicked the Grapes butt and they totally totally absolutley died. They were unfused and they saw the surviving Grapert. Grapert pulled out a banana and shot Sonic in the chest. Sonic died. Mario came and gave him a Cheeseburger and he came alive. Then a teletubby came and sat on Grapert.


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