3d roadrunner modle
  • Wiley & Calamity trying to catch Road & Beeper
  • I guss I should say this is um Road not in 3D
  • Onother photo of Road in 3D.
  • Blblblbp! Meep-Meep!
  • Road Strangling Sylvester the Cat (My turky headed little brother drew this)
  • Road loves to have a ride.
  • OMG!!!!!! What happend???????? What happend???????? Evil Road Runner????? This is wierd..........................even though I drew this.
  • Road Runner the Angry Bird
  • Sometimes Road has problems of his own
  • Undefined undefinedGo to undefined
  • Road as a baby
  • Road Runner in Family Guy
Road Runner is the protagonist of the Road Runner cartoons by Warner Brothers, as part of Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies. He now can talk kind of like Stewie Griffin but mostly he gose "Meep Meep!". His favorate foods are bird seed, cool whip, cakes, cookies, ice cream & pickles. He is best buds w/ Pac-Man but he just can't stand Q*Bert. How he learned to talk was at the English school. It took him a wile to learn english but he learned. What sucks is that WB stll wont let him talk in his cartoons, but I do in my fan-fictions. He also knows how to beat Wiley in almost every video game in the world (Pac-Man is one of them). He is also one of Roger Rabbit's friends. He first learned english and spoke english in July, 2009.

Pinball Road Runner

Road's pin ball

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