This is a RANDOM short STORY by Brian


Stick Man (Main character): Ah gosh, I need a rubber chainsaw!

He see a house that said "We sell rubber chainsaw"

Stick Man: YAY! *run to that house*

Man: May I help you sir?

Stick Man: I want a rubber chainsaw!

Man: First, complete these random test:

Stick Man: Wait what?

Man: Bring me the............*whisper* Poop.


Man: Quick! For rubber chainsaw.

And then, Stick Man grab a poop (without anything) and gives it to the Man.

Man: Now freeze yourself.

Stick Man freeze himself with a rubber-that-freeze.

2000000 Years Later...........

Stick Man unfreeze himself

Stick Man: What the fudge? *GASP*

To be completed.....

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