Scientific-Testers-Understanding-Pies-In-Danger Labs or S.T.U.P.I.D. Labs is a very stupid lab. They are commited to doing experiments on inventions that can help armies that save pies in danger of the E.V.I.L. Organization. Some people call it Pie-And-Rescue, but S.T.U.P.I.D. Labs is a more appropriate name because they are stupid. The reason it is stupid is mainly because thay are the ones who made the Floating Luigi Head after an experiment gone wrong when trying to make a Animate-Super-Surviver or... wait, I shouldn't say the abbreviation. The owner of the organization is Snoopy. They help the Pie-Saving-Armies.

Chickens Hufflepuff Eggs Elephants Sandwich Empty

This invention makes no sense. It just makes you do random things like paint yourself blue or blink repeatedly like this:


Once it made me think I was a giant chicken for fifteen years. I GOTTA RASH! Woops, the ray made me do that. I hate that ray. It's good for battles because it makes the enemy slip on a non-existant banana peal and die.

Super Hysterical Injury Treater

The Super-Hysterical-Injury-Treater or- I can't say the abreviation -for short is a robot that helps injured soldiers. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine, so these robots are skilled comedians. They tell jokes while the treat the injuries. The only problem about this thing is that it isn't very hysterical. Not at all, really. His jokes are ones like "Why did the chicken cross the road?" and the punch-line is "To get to the other side." Predictable, right? The funniest joke he had is "What is your name, Steve?" and the punch-line is "Steve." And even that isn't that funny! But since the robot kind of got a mind of his own, he is now very sensitive so they kept the name of "Super Hysterical Injury Treater" instead of changing it to "Not Exactly Funny Injury Treater" or NEFIT for short.

Dumb Atomic Monkey Nukes

Dumb Atomic Monkey Nukes or- I can't say the abreviation -for short are nuclear bombs that explode into lots of monkeys when dropped. It is pretty dumb because the monkeys are plastic and not real. They are for soldiers in battles trying to save pies.

Animate Super Surviver

The Animate Super Surviver was supposed to be a floating supplies kit that is so indestuctable that he always survives. He was supposed to heal injured soldiers who are trying to save pies in battle, and made him indestructable because of enemy attacks. But they failed... and made the

Floating Lugi Head.

To see about him, go to this page.

Heat Everyday Loopy Licks

This licks you and you will get 2nd degree sunburns. It licks you everyday. You can't escape it. It has tiny eyes that see you all the time. They also make you act funny.[[Category:Baaaaaaaaaaaaaad wirds.................... >:)#)]]

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