SPAM (Super-Putrid Agency of Mac-and-Cheese) is a new agency set up by Doofenshmirtz when he escaped the TV dimension and entered Cyberspace. After taking it over, he created the SPAM agency to spam all the pages of Wikia and make sure everyone eats plenty of macaroni. The members are the spammer IPs of Wikia. They resemble Perplexahedron Guards with their IP adress printed on their chest. They patrol night and day, enforcing Doof's cruel laws. In other words, this page is illegal by Section Eleventy-seven, Paragraph Squiggle, of the Grand Lawbook of Agonizing, Stupid Squids. (Yep, squids helped write the laws.) *gasp!* I see an IP! He's coming this way! MAN YOUR STATIONS! RED ALERT! CENSOR ALL UNREAD TEXT ON THIS PAGE! This is what happens when guards come. They hunt for content that exposes them. (Content "disappears" to them when it's read, so we can only censor unread content. The guard is gone now, so we can just end this thing.

---****--- Roads

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