Shrimpy with his friends before he was frozen

Shrimpy is a character in Planet of the Grapes. He is a shrimp.


Shrimpy wanted to get ice cream but he was stuck in the refridgerator. When he came back, Grapes ruled the world. That's all I know. Ask him I you want to know more. Stop reading this page. There is nothing to read. IF YOU READ IT YOU WILL DIE IN THREE DAYS. You don't believe it? I don't care. Just stop reading.


COME ON, GO AWAY. What do you want from me? He is a shrimp. Read Planet of the Grapes or Rise of the Planet of the Grapes for more info. AND DON'T RETURN. GO AWAY. Listen, you peice of FUDGING SHIP, THERE IS NOTHING MORE TO READ SON OF A BEACH. GO TO HECK.. Understand?

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