Snoopy holding a Snoopy Adventures sign.

Snoopy is a black and white dog from the Peanuts cartoons and comics. He has a friend who is a yellow bird named Woodstock. He cannot talk. He stars in the Fanon series Snoopy Adventures. He is friends with Micheal Jackson... well not really. He tried to be.... he couldn't. ...even though that was in the uncanon fan series Snoopy Adventures... uh... did I mention he has a friend named Woodstock? ..I think so. Now what...... this article is... very short... I need to add more stuff... Snoopy is... he's..... um...........He is Charlie Brown's pet dog who feeds him ALOT (that dog) He can make noises SOMETIMES

Snoopy sez: Buy me some kethup.

Snoopy is also anthropromorphic Correct spelling: anthropomorphic. I NEED to learn to spell it correctly! Like I was saying Snoopy is also an anthropomorphic dog but of course EVERY animal in cartoons is anthropomorphic.

snoopy is chuck norris as a dog


snoopy writes epic stories

he is a beagle

He's a cool pet like Perry.

He wants some

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