Snoopy with MJ

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One day Snoopy was walking down a street, looking for something to do. He ran into and old lonely man, named Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson liked Snoopy. He invited him over to dinner. They walked down the street. While they did, they saw two runaway kids get hit by a bus.

When they got they're, Michael Jackson said "Just go on in, feel welcome." so Snoopy did. He put his hat he wasn't wearing in this story into the closet, when suddenly 7,000,000 million little boys feel out of it. Snoopy asked who they were. Michael Jackson explained they were just visitors.

During Dinner, Michael Jackson asked Snoopy if he wanted to spend the night. Snoopy knew what was gonna go down that night, so he poisened Michael Jackson's ice cream desert and took a run for it. He opened up the basement on accident, 7 Billion babies and 4 million kids fell out of it. Snoopy ran in the basement and hid. Michael Jackson knew where he was, so he waited at the top of the stair case. Snoopy ran up, throwing babies as ammo. Michael Jackson closed the door on him. "I'll eat get you later..." said Michael Jackson. Snoopy found a shovel n' stuff. It's pretty self explanatory of what happened next... Snoopy got out... and Michael Jackson died....

The End

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