Gentle kick

A boy playing soccer (or footbol)

Soccer (called Football outside of the U.S.) is a sport played by many people. It is considered the world's most popular sport. It involves foot work and cleats.

The use pie and sledgehammers is optional. 00:49, March 6, 2011 (UTC)the end

You may also substitue the ball for a turtle, if one desires this, you must play with sneakers and be careful not to hurt the little guy/gal. 

Turtles are delicate though, which is why you usually use a soccer ball. But turtles are cute and I think you should only use ugly turtles in soccer, except there are no ugly turtles.


Ferb was our quarterback.

The best way to kick the ball is a FALCON KICK!

If the ball goes into the net then we all shout GORRRRRRRRL!

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