Please add on to it!

The Story

A guy wearing a hot pink dress walked along the street full of donkeys. He saw a rubber band in his hair and picked it off and farted on it. Suddenly a panda came along holding a samurai sword and started slicing people in half. The guy was soon killed along with Paris Hilton, but not Nicole Ritchie who was too busy playing the legend of zelda. Her husband told her to get out because the panda was there but she refused and the tv burnt down. Her dog ran out and bit a little girl's leg and she kicked it into a nearby window, smashing it and landing on a little boy who was playing pokemon. He threw his DS out the window in anger which knocked the little girl out who soon got hit by a horse which was constipated. Kate and Nate kissed as the little girl farted on them causing Justin Bieber get hit by a semi just as he was singing baby and his body landed on his fangirls. They all pulled out on of his organs to sell on ebay and then a panda bought it. Sawyer got mad at the pandad and BEAT HIM UP! Panda ran away. Suddeny some guy was all 'Sawyer!' causing George to look in the direction of a jet, scream, and die. The scream was like sword and Mr. Knight Guy dueled the scream and won. 'Emoticons ! :)' he bellowed and because he had a paper cut induced by Thomas the Tank Engine, ' Ow :O' (i won't add any comas or dots or other things just so nobody can understand) after a million of years the guy in the pink dress was revived by 1 direction after that chuck norris and morgan freeman killed 1 direction but the guy in the pink dress escaped TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dun dun duuuuuuuuuuunnnn


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