Sonic 4 is made to bring megaman back to his classic days!!!! Either that, or SEGA just wanted money for pie!!!

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We have Hope for Sonic 4!


SEGA only knew how to count to 2 so, they had to call it "Sonic DIS |||| MANY!


Episode 1

Sonic ditches Tails 2.1 and Knuckles The Echidna when he gets bored one day. Sonic finds out Dr.Eggman robbed Mickey D's and he has to stop him.


Metal Sonic has a cameo.

Episode 2

Sonic and Taiels go on an eventure to some place. Some new shtuff happens and Sonic will probably loose the emeralds again.

Get Seven Chaos Emeralds before reading.

Part DIS ||| MANY

Sonic finds Knuckles and makes him kill Eggman, but Eggman has a heart attack from running away.


Episode 1

Everyone praised it, so they could bash it for it's problems later.

Episode 2

Probably won't suck.

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