Sonic the Taco

Sonic the Taco

Sonic the FAST-FOOD Hedgehog is a video game where you play as fast-food versions of Sonic characters.


Team Taco Bell

  • Sonic the Taco
  • Tails the Burrito
  • Knuckles the Nachos

Team KFC

  • Amy the Fried Chicken Leg
  • Cream the Chicken Nugget
  • Big the Chicken Breast

Team McDonalds

  • Shadow the Cheeseburger
  • Rouge the French Fry
  • Omega the Soft Drink

Team Chick'fil'A

  • Vector the Chicken Sandwitch
  • Espio the Chicken Tender
  • Charmy the Waffle Fry

Other Characters

  • Silver the Curly Fry
  • Blaze the Sub Sandwitch
  • Waffle of DOOM the Waffle

Point of the Game

The point of the game is to find all 7 Fast Food Emeralds. The Emeralds are: McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Taco Bell, Chick'fil'A, Subway, and Arbys. Each team finds two except for Team Chick'fil'A, who only finds one. It takes two levels to get each emerald. Once you get all of them, the huge WAFFLE OF DOOOOOM appears. You must fight that evil guy until he explodes. The End.



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