Speaking In Tongues

Yabba Dabba Dabba Doo Dah

Walla do dop badda ba una

Juno babe day fennermonia tuna

Menna nor seena numma numma nina

Do the Lady Gaga & the Miley Cyrus

Shicka Shicka Bowow dooba dooba diva

Monna manny mo mo subba subba solo

Scat dubba doo-doo Gonna make you too

Jumma no lina wubbo nubbo seen ya

Hello, Mr. Brady. Would you be my baby.

Sha la la la feella shinnamannameanna

Subba subba ding dong fried cicken hee haw

Gubba gubba doo la vinnie vinnie oh wow

Yeah, it's a party in the USA, yeah, yeah...

Spoken: Ow! That didn't feel good!

I don't know why she just threw that at me

(crowd booing and throwing water bottles)

Random Guy: Hey, stop it you guys! This is just a costume!

(Sighs) I should have worn a different outfit.

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