Hello! I will be asking Spongebob some Q&A. Dur. So...enjoy!!!


Well this will be interesting...

Me: Hi

Spongebob: Hello!

(camera keeps zooming back and forth)

Me: I knew I shouldn't of had Patrick control the camera...

Spongebob: Patrick is


Spongebob: I was gonna say idiot but yeah, that too.

Meh: OK. Onto the questions |:(

Spongebob: I'm Ready! Wait...(looks into the camera)...yeah he put that thing off.

Me: OK, what's it like living underwater?

Spongebob: Well, you can't jump that high...

Me: I knew that

Spongebob: ...and it's always a bit cold considering the water pressure. Basically, besides that and the fact that everything gets soggy right away, it's fine.

Me: Do you think Squidward is mean?

Spongebob: NO! Why do you say that?

Me:Because Squidward CAN be a little grouchy at times...

Spongebob: Yeah, but he's cool either way.

Me: He HATES you.

Spongebob: (stares for a minute) Well, I'm gonna give Squidward a peice of my mind!!!

(I hear a HUGE scream from Squidwrad even though he's 20 blocks away.)

Me: Excuse Meh, But we have techincal difficulties. Please wait.

(Shows the words techincal difficulties with an angry face in the middle of the white-gray background)

Me: Sorry. And now Squidward is in the hopsital (Secretly blows a horn in joy)

Spongebob: (Catching me blowing the horn) Okay...Anyways, what else do you got?

Me: hard is it being friends with an imbecile?

Spongebob: Well, it's really hard. Because before we shoot the show I have to explain EVERYTHING to him!

Me: Oh...

Spongebob: Anyway, what else do you got?

Me: Well... What's it like going through video games?

Spongebob: Well, first I do that whole thing where you put on that black suit with white balls on them so it tracks movement. That's all WE go through.

Me: Ok. So, ask me this, do chumwitches come in raspberry?


Me: they come in-


Me: Whew! Saves A LOT of questions.

Spongebob: (face like -_-)


Spongebob: O_o

Me: Besides THAT, what was it like in Disneyland?

Spongebob: Well ,I rode a roller coaster

Me: What was it like?

Spongebob: Enough to make you blarf 3 times

Me: Can you demonstrate?

Spongebob: *Clears throat and blarfs 3 times*

Me: O_O

Spongebob: That was intentional (meaning you meant to do it).

Me: Ok, now lets stop about about this before I blarf.

Spongebob: Ok.

Me: Now, what's it like being popular?

Spongebob: Well, the only thing I'M popular for is making Krabby Patties!

Me: I mean ABOVE land...

Spongebob: Oh. I NEVER go up there for the same reason Logan doesn't want swagger anymore in that "Big Time Rush" episode.

Spongebob (continued): The pants are to tight (they tend to shrivel up above water) and there's too much dancing and EVERYONE follows me around!

Me: Wow... holy crossover.

Spongebob: *Pays Vaicom for copyright* Oh, sorry.

Me: Yeah. Anyway, what is your defenition of "V".

Spongebob: Well, MY defenition of "V" is flipping annoying.

Me: Why?

Spongebob: Viacom.

Me: Should'a geussed. So, what's you defenition of "Q"?

Spongebob: Uber Random.

Me: And why is that?

Spongebob: "Q" is a random letter.

Me: I got ya.

Spongebob: But what about MEEEEEEEE!?!?

Me: *:|* You just blew it for everyone...

Sandy: (from a distance) Did somebody say "Boom"?

Me: No, no, wait! I said ble-

Sandy: (Pulls down TNT, blows Mermaidman and Barnacleboy up, even though they're like,12 miles away from Sandy)

(End of 'Loony Tunes Background pops up)

Porky Pig: Th-th-th-th-ats all-ll-ll-ll f-f-folks!

(Spongebob Punches Porky Pig)

Spongebob: Shaddup, you peice of dried-up bacon!

(Cuts out of Porky Pig crying and cuts into the normal background)

Me: That was wierd. Anyway, I never knew you had a dark side!

Spongebob: That's what I want EVERYONE to think!

Me: Okay. Do you excersize?

Spongebob: Yeah.

Me: Then why do you appear so weak during film?

Spongebob: Before I go to the studio, I used to stuff myself with junk food so I get weaker, and if I forget about filming, I wear these wierd things that slim my muscles down. I convinced the editor to let me do that no matter what. Because I don't wanna spend $30 every week just for junk!

Me: But do you still like your "job" at the Krusty Krab?

Spongebob: Oh, definitley! Even eating them's real, because I LOVE them!

Me: Well, that was interesting (TOLD U SO!)

Spongebob: Ok. So, we finishing up?

Me: As long as we make a sequel!

Spongebob: 2 and we got a deal!

Me: Deal!

(Loony Tunes "That's all folks!" background pops up, a beaten up Porky Pig shows up)

Porky Pig:T-t-t-that's all-l-l f-f-f-folks! (Falls down until off-screen)

(The black in the middle expands until the entire screen is black)

("THE END" shows up in the black screen,in cursive)


My Leg!!!

My leg!!! my leg...

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