Her we go...the media session following that last one...when we interveiwed...SPONGEBOB!!!Look at the first here:Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Cake!!

Well This WIll Be More Interesting...

Me:So...we've met up again...


Me:No need to go all British-Fancy on me.

Spongebob:Sorry,ol' chap!

Me:Seriously...stop it...


Me:So what did we do last time?



Spongebob:Remember?I threw up,like,3 times and Sandy blew up Mermaidman and Barnacleboi(LOL Mah Boi),or at least the highlights.

Me:That kindaa sums it up,weirdly!

Spongebob:thank you,my good chap!

Me:What did I say?

Spongebob:Oh yeah...


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