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Me: Okay, so today we will be asking some random athletes questions about pictures. For now, pleae welcome, three random people we found in a park playing soccer, tennis, and football at the same time.

Random guy 1: hi everyone!

Random guy 2: Hello?

Random guy 3: Bonjour!

Me: random guy 3, don't you speak english?

Random guy 3: uh, no ablo chinese.

Me: What?

Random guy 2: he has a few, problems.

Random guy 1: Big problems.

Me: Okay, why don't you all sit down.

Random guy 3: Wow, cet endroit est incroyable, j'aime les tortues
HG map

Picture #1

Me: uh, Okay, let's start this baby. Picture number one. *points to screen*

Random guy 1: it looks like a map. Is it a treasure map?

Me: no. RG 2 your next

Random guy 2: It's obviously a map for a competition. Is it a map of the zoo?

Me: What? No!

Random guy 3: Il est stupide de tortues fromage.

Me: Uh, no it's the map from my first hunger games.

Random guy 1: whats that?

Me: moving on, round 2 is a gallery, so be prepared. Everyone ready?

Random guy 2: actually before we start I- *Interrupted by me*

Me; Okay, here it is *Points to screen where there is a gallery*

Random guy 1: I see a cake, some brownies, a lollipop...

Me: yes, but what do all of these things have in common.

Random guy 3: Pie bon goût avec quiche ma tortue bonne

Me: okay, RG 3, speak english.

Random guy 2: He can't.

Me: Okay fine, can I get a translator?

Audience Member: I will be a translator I speak french.

Me: Okay, what is did he say?

Translator: he said 'Pie tastes good with quiche, my good turtle'.

Me: What the heck!? That makes no sense. That wasn't even the question.

Random guy 2: He doesn't make any sense ever, and now, I believe it's my turn to take a guess about what all of- *Interrupted by me*

Me: Oh darn it! We're out of time for round 2, now onto round 3! This round will be a slideshow. *Points to screen where the slideshow plays.

Random Guy 1: those are all oranges.

Random Guy 2: no moron they're plums.

Random Guy 1 and 2: *Argue with each other*

Random Guy 3: Garçons, la briser. Ce ne sont pas des oranges ou des prunes, elles sont toutes les photos de bacon

Me: Uh, hello? Translator?

Translator: Oh, right. He said guys break each other up. Those are oranges and plums. They are also pictures of bacon.

Me: What?

Random Guy 1 and 2: What?

Random Guy 3: Hey I can speak Spanish too!

Everyone: *Gasp*

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TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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