A theory of evolution

Tomorrow I will eat a hearty breakfast. But eggs are really expensive. Oh well, let's go buy the supplies.

But Sam's Super Supply Store was closed, so it would be much better to wrap it in bread and use lots of seasonings.

Wild parsnips are good, except that I'm allergic to them.

Come now, let us be men!

Before the space pirates can land their frigate, we need to activate the bacon warp and fly to the moon.

Moon travel is much more fun if you're on the back of a rocket-enabled tyrannosaur who's playing a key-tar.

But make sure you engage the forward thrusters when you land on the surface; his tiny arms won't be any help stopping.

And if you don't slow down, the moon will collapse into itself and reveal the Martian colony that left their home planet years ago and has now been hiding out.

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