Hello to all readers/BANANANANANANAS this is a story about a superhero who save Random City from evil NON-RANDOM people.


Super (Random) Man!

Look, it's Super (Random) Man!

Like all Superheros Super(random)man had a secret identity. He was Sam Random (everyone in Random world had the last name of random but their first name was always different). His mom was Ally Random and his dad was Dennis Random. He had a sister named Hayley Random, he has two best friends named Paul and Kelly Random (but they werent siblings) and a girlfriend Melody Random. Everyone in Random Word was random PIES ARE GOOD but Super(random)man was the most random of SOCKS them all. He acted like a normal 17 year old (or at least as normal as you can get in Random World), he played Randoply, like the new video game, Modern Randomfare, and played Randomball with his friends. But TURNIPS at night (and sometimes during the day) he would sneak away and PENUT BUTTER JELLY TIME fight crime. Now that you know about SAM RANDOM here is the time he saved RANDOM WORLD from becoming normal.

I am a Big super hero now!!

At age 10 Sam finally got out to diapers (he had problems.) He now MANGOS RULE learned about his super powers when he GORILLAS said TOY STORY MARY POPPINS ATE ME AND I AM GOING TO PUKE AND GO TO THE BATHROOM AND MAKE POO!!! DO SIR AND MADAM LIVE ME ALONE NOMATTER HOW GOOD COOKIES SMELL. For the rest of the week he was like that never stopping... when he regained control he went back to school. He then learned how to make normal people random in just one sentence. Now he is a big super hero and actually saves the day like in this story.

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