The Super Bowl XVILXVLIXILIIXLXIXVXVILIXVXIXL is a LARGE numbered Super Bowl.But People Like To Call It Super Bowl Over 9000(SBO9000 for short)(for fun...the number is LITERALLY over 9000)

The Games

the SBO9000 includes Basketball,Baseball,Hockey,Pocky,Lacrosse,Tennis,Soccer,Pokemon Tournaments,Eat-Offs(seriously...would you get bored after year after year of JUST football?),and last but SERIOUSLY not least,Football(Eat-Offs were added this year).It is 10 hours long.The TIEBREAKER CHALLENGE is a Wipeout-Themed obstacle course!


If you didn't know,Pocky is a stick-shaped snack with chocolate covered cracker sticks.The Super Bowl "Pocky" is a Pocky eat-off.It is diffrent from the Eat-Off challenge.Sometimes there are challenges like "Who could stuff thier mouths with the most Pocky" or "Who can make Pockey look like a cigarette the best".

The Puppy Bowl

The puppy bowl for this is called Puppy Bowl 9000(they stopped using roman numerals when they hit Puppy Bowl 167)and they inly include Baseball,Hockey,Pocky,Tennis,Soccer and Football.This is 5 hours long.

The Teams

The Teams are The Q's and The Dynamite(they stopped using city names in 2047).

The Basketball Game

Since this is the over 9000 superbowl, the basketball rules are different. You can get however many points on a shot, depending on how far back it is. The highest amount of points you can get on one shot is a 100-pointer, which is a full court shot. The Q's were winning the game the whole time and were up 99-0 when suddenly the Dynamite got the ball and threw a half-court shot to win 100-99.

The Competition

Here are the teams that won.

  • Basketball-Dynamite
  • Baseball-Q
  • Hockey-Q
  • Pocky-Q
  • Lacrosse-Dynamite
  • Tennis-Q
  • Soccer-Dynamite
  • Pokemon Tournament-Dynamite
  • Eat-Off-Q
  • Football-Dynamite
  • Tiebreaker Challenge-Q
  • Overall Winner-THE Q'S!!

The Celebration

For the Q's celebration they all met in a little ceasars and got 8 pizzas.2 cheese,2 ham,and 4 pepperoni.Then they met again at a meeting room close to the SBO9000 staduim and apparently ate all 8.Then,3 days later,the SBO9000 stadium was renamed The Q Stadium,and hold thier hhonor to this day.

The dynamites were a diffrent story.They got tomatoed out of the Q Staidum,and lost horribly.They all still remeber their faliure 10 years into the future.

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